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Bad Breath (aka. Halitosis or Malodor)

Bad breath can strike anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. The worst thing is, you may not know it. It’s why so many people carry mints, chew gum, or use mouthwash as often as possible. The problem is, these things just cover up odors. And chronic bad breath could be a sign of something more serious than what you ate for lunch – it could have to do with gum disease or other medical problems.

About Bad Breath

If we discover that your halitosis is simply a result of trapped food or dead skin cells the solution is simple. However, the tongue is also a major source of bad breath. The rough surface of your tongue can trap food and bacteria and these substances generate volatile sulphur compounds, the primary cause of bad breath. We offer ProFresh®, a product clinically proven to eliminate odors through the oxidation of these volatile sulphur compounds to eradicate bad breath, not cover it up. It is the only patented oral rinse that contains ACTIVATED (Molecular) Chlorine Dioxide which removes odor-causing bacteria.

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