Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is certainly something you will lose sleep over and we’re here to help. If you find yourself dozing off during the day or snoozing in front of the tube way too early, sleep apnea may be to blame. Snoring is also a big giveaway that you or that certain someone sleeping next to you is suffering from sleep apnea. It’s a chronic condition where someone actually stops breathing while sleeping, leading your brain to wake you up and to tell your body to start taking proper breaths once again. The wakeup-go-back-to-sleep cycle is what makes you sleepy and this continued battle for oxygen can lead to some serious health risks.

We can help diagnose what type of sleep apnea is plaguing your nighttime habits, whether it be obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), where a soft tissue has collapsed causing a blockage in the back of the throat, or central sleep apnea (CSA) when breathing halts due to lack of proper brain signals. Mixed or complex sleep apnea means you suffer from both.

We don’t want you to lose sleep over treatment options. Together we can assess your unique situation and determine what methods will work best to help you sleep peacefully once again.

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"Extremely thorough exams. Dr. Abadilla walks you through each step and what it all means. He really takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable and understand what everything means. Also, they use the latest technology in the industry. Everything is very up to date. It was a wonderful experience."

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"This place was great! Went in on an emergency with no insurance and the staff walked me through the whole process and even helped me set up a payment plan. Glad to make this place my new permanent dentist office."

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"What a wonderful experience, very happy I was referred to them. I am looking forward to get my teeth back in shape after years of bad experiences with dentists. They explain everything. Listen to your concerns and make sure your happy."

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