Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is not as widely discussed as other types of cancer, but it’s still important to screen for symptoms as early detection is key. We offer a quick, painless exam designed to identify any abnormalities or changes in the various places within the mouth such as the gums, lips, tongue, throat, salivary glands, and even around the facial area. We will also check for white or red patches, sores, lumps, and any other abnormalities that are cause for concern. If necessary, tissue samples will be taken and sent to a laboratory for further examination.

If treatment is necessary, we will work together to create a treatment plan that will fit your needs. Treatment options will vary depending on your diagnosis. It’s worth noting that oral cancer is one of the most easily treated, curable cancers when detected early. In fact, patients have a survival rate of nearly 90%. Symptoms aren’t always easy to spot, so that’s why it’s important to conduct an annual screening.

Our Happy Patients

"Extremely thorough exams. Dr. Abadilla walks you through each step and what it all means. He really takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable and understand what everything means. Also, they use the latest technology in the industry. Everything is very up to date. It was a wonderful experience."

Kyle Kyle

"This place was great! Went in on an emergency with no insurance and the staff walked me through the whole process and even helped me set up a payment plan. Glad to make this place my new permanent dentist office."

Sarah Sarah

"What a wonderful experience, very happy I was referred to them. I am looking forward to get my teeth back in shape after years of bad experiences with dentists. They explain everything. Listen to your concerns and make sure your happy."

Joel Joel
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