Tooth decay continues to be problematic

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Dental Tooth Decay sounds like something we should have solved by now, but unfortunately it is still a very common disease disproportionally affecting people with limited financial resources.  This is my 40th year of practicing dentistry and I am still … Continued

St Charles Expo April 16

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Comprehensive Dentistry loves St Charles and we love our patients too!  We want to see all of your friendly faces at the St. Charles Expo on April 16!  Spin our wheel to win great prizes! Come see Dr. Sharon Levato … Continued

Trends in Imaging Technologies for 2016

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Imaging in Dentistry goes back to 1895 shortly after Roentgen discovered what we call x-rays.   Since then, radiology has become a cornerstone for diagnosing disease processes in all health fields.  Medicine, Dentistry Chiropractic and Veterinary sciences all depend on radiation … Continued

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