How Long Does It Take for Pain to Go Away After Tooth Extraction, Bloomingdale

Tooth extraction involves a bit of discomfort, no doubt. Though dental sciences have advanced quite a bit, there is still some amount of discomfort involved in this procedure. The dentist gives at least a couple (or even more) injections to the patient to numb the area from where the tooth or teeth are to be extracted. This in itself involves a bit of pain. However, other than this, there is no pain really involved in tooth extractions. There is a general misnomer that such is the case. After the effect of the injections goes away, the pain may come back for a while (this will be for a few hours after the injections are given). For this, the dentist will prescribe a set of antibiotics and painkillers. These should be taken on time and for the entire course for which they are prescribed. This will ease the pain and the discomfort to a large degree. However, the pain may last for a couple of days after the procedure is done. Thus, it is best to go in for the medication which is prescribed by the dentist.

What about wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a bit more complicated than the extraction of the other teeth. Thus, for this, one has to be a bit more careful. Thus, it is best that the patient listens to his or her dentist properly during this extraction. For one, it is best if the patient is accompanied by another person for the procedure. The patient may drive himself or herself to the dental clinic for the tooth extraction but should not drive back after the procedure. This is because the effect of the injections stays for at least a couple of hours and the patient may be in a drowsy state. Thus it is best avoided that one drives a vehicle when one is just out of sedation. Also, he or she should take care that they do not exert themselves after the procedure for that day at least. In case of wisdom tooth extraction, care must be taken for at least a couple of days to not stress oneself out in any which way. For one thing, one should not indulge in any hectic physical activity like running or exercising. This may affect the clot which has formed at the site, and it may start bleeding again. This is a highly avoidable kind of situation. Also, it is a good idea to eat soft foods and liquids for a day or two at the very least. One should even avoid brushing teeth for a day or so and go in for rinsing the mouth really well instead. Also, one should not drink with a straw or chew on any pencil or pen caps for a few days at least. All these activities tend to have a bit of a disturbing effect on the area which may be sore for a few days after the tooth extraction.
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