How Do You Clear Your Mouth Guard in Bloomingdale?

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Night guards, for that matter, are very useful aids when it comes to giving cover to the teeth from the ill effects of teeth grinding or even clenching. Teeth can easily get worn out with continuous teeth grinding, and some urgent method needs to be deployed so that this does not happen. A night guard can come very handy at such times. However, once you start using a night guard, it is very essential that it is taken good and proper care of. Here is what all we can do to ensure that our night guards function well and stay in a good condition for as long as is possible.

  1. One should rinse the night guard with warm water as soon as one removes it from the mouth. This will enable good cleaning of the device and will pluck out or wash away the debris and even make any plaque which is building upon the night guard move out.
  2. After this, make it a point to lightly brush your night guard with soft strokes with your usual toothbrush. At times, people opt for a different toothbrush for this purpose – this is a matter of personal choice. For this work, you need not use any toothpaste. Toothpaste tends to have a somewhat abrasive action on the night guard, and it may even end up scratching its surface.
  3. Place the night guard on a very clean surface and permit it to dry totally – this is very important since a moist night guard will end up developing some bacteria on it. However, the good part is that drying the night guard does not take more than fifteen to thirty minutes.
  4. At times when the night guard is not in use, you should place it in a case. Try not to store it in the washroom since the air here tends to be moist and humid and this can make the night guard warp. It is best to store the night guard in a room which is dry.
  5. Other than cleaning it every day, it is necessary to deep clean your night guard about once every seven days. One can do this in different ways: first, use a denture cleaner which is available as an over-the-counter product. For this, place the night guard in a glass or bowl of water with some cleaner in it. Another way is by using a mix of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Place the night guard in distilled vinegar for about half an hour. After this, rinse the night guard with water. Then soak it in hydrogen peroxide for another half hour. Again rinse thoroughly well with water and let it dry fully before storing it in its case. Also, one can also deep clean the night guard by using a mix of mouthwash and water. For this, take a capful of mouthwash and place it in a bowl and add some water to dilute this. Soak the night guard in this for half an hour and then rinse and dry it.
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