Fluoride Treatment in Bloomingdale, IL: What You Need to Know

The human teeth are durable and can last a lifetime, but without proper care, the teeth can wear down through time. The teeth contain minerals that contribute to the strength, structure, and durability of the teeth. When these minerals are lost in the process of demineralization because of the acid attacks produced by plaques, the teeth may become brittle and prone to dental cavities.

One of the solutions to make the teeth stronger than they were is through the dental procedure called Fluoride Application. It is a process of putting and gaining back the minerals lost by the teeth such as calcium and phosphate by using fluoride. Comprehensive Dentistry offers Fluoride Treatment to help prevent tooth decay and dental caries from damaging the teeth. It makes the teeth more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria found in plaques and leftover food particles inside the mouth.

Fluoride Treatment

Facts about Fluoride Treatment

  • Fluoride is present in water as an ion, an electrically charged atom.
  • More people from the US drink fluoridated water than in countries found in Europe where 95% of the people drink regular, plain water.
  • Fluoride is recognized as one of the essential nutrients to have healthy teeth when taken in the right amount. It strengthens the teeth.
  • People can be overexposed to fluoride.
  • Fluoride was the key substance to produce and create an atomic bomb!
  • In 1901, Frederick McKay, a dental school graduate moved to Colorado and noticed that the locals suffered from brown stains on their teeth. It was then, the time that the “Colorado Brown Stains” or teeth mottling, known as dental fluorosis was discovered.
  • In dentistry, what is referred to as fluoride or sodium fluoride! The mixture easily dissolves in water which makes it an ideal additive to toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels, foams, varnishes and even tap water!


Sources of Fluoride

  • Fluoridated water and toothpaste
  • Foods such as raisins, lamb, carrots, black tea, wine, and parsley.
  • From professional fluoride varnish or application
  • Teas and kombucha
  • Inorganic fruits, vegetables, and wine


Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

  • An effective solution to help prevent tooth decay
  • A modest invest for the community
  • Aids in the improvement of dental health condition
  • Strengthens the teeth which makes them resistant to acid attacks and tooth decay
  • A safe and effective dental agent and procedure to control dental caries and decays

Fluoride provides many benefits especially for the health of a person. However, patients must put in mind that fluoride is not a medication and should be taken adequately.


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