Five Top Risks of Attending Composite Bonding for Oral Health, Bloomingdale

Sometimes we do not need to remove a tooth. We can make do with composite bonding, also called dental bonding. This procedure involves applying a composite substance to a tooth which is broken or stained. However, the material which is used for teeth bonding is not very durable as our tooth enamel. After getting bonding done, one should watch out before eating or chewing on any food items. One should not bite into something which is very hard or sticky or else the bonding may crack.

Dental composite bonding does not last for the entire lifetime of the patient. Treatments like dental implants will last the whole life if they are taken care of properly. As per reports, the composite bonding can last for 3-7 years. A dental crown, on the other hand, may go on for even as long as four decades.

The material which is used for composite bonding is not stain-resistant. Hence, once you get this procedure do not eat items like beetroot. This can cause the bonding to stain. Or else if one does eat them, it is best to brush the mouth or at least rinse it thoroughly well. Even intake of a large quantity of tea, coffee or red wine is not good for composite bonding. Absorption of nicotine products, too, does not augur well for the composite bonding. The bonded color can get discolored easily if one goes in for such things.

It is simple to see that dental bonding is not a very expensive procedure. However, the real point to be considered is that it does not last very long (as mentioned before). Hence, treatment is followed up by more treatment time and again. Hence, the overall effect is that of spending more money on this line of procedure even though one is not getting the required result. As such, one has to take into regard the total cost and not just the first time cost of the entire treatment plan. When one gets tooth crowning done, it lasts for a very long time. So is the case with dental implants. Whereas composite bonding may be cheaper in the short run but more expensive when you view it overall. Thus it is best to take into consideration all costs and factors before going in for any dental work.

Composite bonding can be matched with the color of the teeth of the patient. Thus, it will not stand out much and will not become very evident to an outsider. Thus, the patient need not feel shy or inhibited in any which way while he or she is talking, smiling or eating. Sometimes people feel a little withdrawn after getting dental work since it tends to become apparent to others. However, the disadvantage with composite bonding is that it has to be kept clean at all times.

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