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Your oral health begins with prevention, which is why we will screen you carefully every time we see you, and work with your entire family to instill excellent habits. You can help with our preventive efforts by pointing out any abnormal condition you have observed in your mouth, even something as trivial as a persistent cold sore. We are here to help you stay well!

We will screen for oral cancer and gum disease at every visit, to catch and treat problems as early as possible.

Did you know that osteoporosis can often be diagnosed by your dentist before its effects are felt in the rest of your bones? That dementia in a loved one can be spotted by declining oral hygiene? Or that eating disorders will lead to oral conditions such as bleeding gums and dry mouth, often discovered first by an experienced dentist?

Many other conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular and lung diseases, cancers, and complications with pregnancy affect the state of your teeth, so getting regular check-ups is in your best interest.

Other diseases that may be detected in their early stages include epilepsy, hemophilia, leukemia, malignant melanoma, night-time reflux, and tuberculosis. And soon, routine saliva tests may help in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, mumps, and measles.

Oral cancer is not as widely discussed as other types of cancer, but it’s still important to screen for symptoms as early detection is key. We offer a quick, painless exam designed to identify any abnormalities or changes in the various places within the mouth such as the gums, lips, tongue, throat, salivary glands, and even around the facial area. We will also check for white or red patches, sores, lumps, and any other abnormalities that are cause for concern. If necessary, tissue samples will be taken and sent to a laboratory for further examination.

If treatment is necessary, we will work together to create a treatment plan that will fit your needs. Treatment options will vary depending on your diagnosis. It’s worth noting that oral cancer is one of the most easily treated, curable cancers when detected early. In fact, patients have a survival rate of nearly 90%. Symptoms aren’t always easy to spot, so that’s why it’s important to conduct an annual screening.

Digital x-rays and panoramic digital CT Scans enhance our visual and manual screenings, to diagnose the state of your oral health. Not only are these technologies faster than traditional x-rays, they expose you to 80% less radiation, so they are safer, too.

Our treatment rooms are fully computerized, and we use intraoral cameras to allow you to observe the diagnosis and the treatments that you are getting. We have both hard and soft tissue lasers, and the latest technologies required for more advanced treatments.

Dental hygiene is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. We not only provide you cutting-edge hygiene treatment at our locations,we also train you to take the best, customized care of your teeth at home. We will help you and your children build healthy habits than include regular mouth care and dental visits.

We also recommend fluoride treatments at every visit for both children and adults, and provide high-fluoride toothpastes for you to take home as well.

Did you know that periodontal or gum disease is common in one out of every five adults. It’s characterized by some common symptoms such as swollen and red gums that bleed easily or gums that are visibly receding away from teeth. Bacteria is the pesky culprit to blame for these kinds of infections and can be linked to diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and heart disease that greatly affect not just your oral but overall health. Aside from daily brushing and flossing regimens, we offer these additional treatment options:

  • Root planing and scaling is an extremely effective method at removing plaque from between the gums and the teeth, right down to the roots. The procedure also works well at shrinking areas of damage below the gum line and along a tooth’s root. Since plaque prefers irregular, sticky surfaces, scaling and root planing can help smooth surfaces making them less desirable territory for buildup to occur.
  • Pinhole gum surgery, invented and implemented by John Chao, D.D.S. is a scalpel- and suture-free procedure that treats gum recession and loss of gum tissue as a result of periodontal disease. This state-of-the-art method offers less discomfort for patients post therapy, faster recovery than traditional grafting, no need for donor tissue, and natural results. For more information, please read our page on Gum Recession.
  • Arestin may also be an effective periodontal disease treatment option following a root scaling and planing procedure. This antibiotic gel is conveniently placed directly into a periodontal pocket, ensuring effective treatment exactly at the source of the gum disease site without exposing the rest of the body to antibiotics, fighting the disease directly for two weeks.

Did you know that fluoride is found in things all around us in our everyday environment? Besides a variety of over-the-counter dental products, fluoride is a naturally occurring element found hidden throughout nature such as floating in water, sitting in soil, as part of the air we breathe, and hanging out in rocks. This beneficial element helps prevent tooth decay and fight back against acid that wears our teeth down causing cavities. Our effective in-office treatments can help repair damaged enamel and prevent cavities from forming, allowing fluoride to remain on the teeth much longer than when delivered in the form of regular tooth gels, pastes, and mouthwashes.  

We provide Nitrous Oxide for sedation, and when your procedure and your comfort require it, we can bring in an anesthesiologist to provide IV sedation, as well.

We also utilize CAESY –  live-action, 3D animation videos, to show you different conditions and treatments, help answer your questions, and relieve any anxiety you might feel.

At our practice, we design individualized mouthguards to provide the maximum comfort and protection. This is particularly important if you wear braces or have fixed bridge work.

  • Sport mouthguards are available for athletes young and old.

  • Nightguards protect you against teeth grinding, which is both painful and can be hazardous to your long-term health.
  • If you suffer from snoring and/or sleep apnea, we can provide you with a Snore Guard, as well.

Sleep apnea is certainly something you will lose sleep over and we’re here to help. If you find yourself dozing off during the day or snoozing in front of the tube way too early, sleep apnea may be to blame. Snoring is also a big giveaway that you or that certain someone sleeping next to you is suffering from sleep apnea. It’s a chronic condition where someone actually stops breathing while sleeping, leading your brain to wake you up and to tell your body to start taking proper breaths once again. The wakeup-go-back-to-sleep cycle is what makes you sleepy and this continued battle for oxygen can lead to some serious health risks.

We can help diagnose what type of sleep apnea is plaguing your nighttime habits, whether it be obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), where a soft tissue has collapsed causing a blockage in the back of the throat, or central sleep apnea (CSA) when breathing halts due to lack of proper brain signals. Mixed or complex sleep apnea means you suffer from both.

We don’t want you to lose sleep over treatment options. Together we can assess your unique situation and determine what methods will work best to help you sleep peacefully once again.

Bad breath can strike anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. The worst thing is, you may not know it. It’s why so many people carry mints, chew gum, or use mouthwash as often as possible. The problem is, these things just cover up odors. And chronic bad breath could be a sign of something more serious than what you ate for lunch – it could have to do with gum disease or other medical problems. Come talk to us.

If we discover that your halitosis is simply a result of trapped food or dead skin cells the solution is simple. However, the tongue is also a major source of bad breath. The rough surface of your tongue can trap food and bacteria and these substances generate volatile sulphur compounds, the primary cause of bad breath. We offer ProFresh®, a product clinically proven to eliminate odors through the oxidation of these volatile sulphur compounds to eradicate bad breath, not cover it up. It is the only patented oral rinse that contains ACTIVATED (Molecular) Chlorine Dioxide which removes odor causing bacteria.

Contact our office about these amazing and effective products. We can schedule a confidential consultation, or answer your questions on the phone.